Eric's Resume
SnarkPit Compilation Map (2009)


This project was part of my initiative to keep my website: active with user content. So I initiated a 'Compilation Map' project whereby users would build modular pieces of a larger map that would get 'sewed' together to make one big multiplayer map. I ended up doing the sewing, and needed to create several small 'connection zones' to link some of these dissociated modular map themes with one another. It proved quite the challenge and performance ended up being the big issue of the day. After reaching Beta, I offered to let anyone else pick the project up as I no longer had time to devote to it. The map is playable and you may download it below to see for yourself. It was designed for play in the game: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch so you will need a copy of that game as well as Steam to load this map up. This was the most challenging mapping project I have engaged in thus far.


A connection zone I designed to link three seemingly random themed areas together.

An alien themed connection zone. A 'Combine' hallway for those familiar with the game.

An industrial connection zone.

My themed modular map. All the pieces of this map move by visible machinery.

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