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Eric Lancon
The name is ERIC LANCON (lān-sōn) and Genecy is my personal website. I've recently graduated from Louisiana Tech University with my Master of Architecture. I've studied and trained to become an architect, but my passion ultimately lies with game design and its implications as a medium for teaching and explaining. At best my skills complement my ability to design spaces and present them clearly.

I'm a short fellow who can usually be found rambling about Half-Life, the Universe, or electronica. I'm self-taught and university trained, but I keep my Lego-building skills close for reference, and never pass up an opportunity to explore. When faced with a problem, I'm quick to pick up any new skills or tools to help aid in the solving process and usually refine those skills over the course of other projects.

I'm a nerd at heart, but my internship experiences and school have taught me how to filter my knowledge and communicate my thoughts into something my grandmother would understand. I have considerable patience and thus work well with others. I'm always looking for ways to intersect architecture and game design together and often attempt (successfully or not) to link the two into my projects. I ultimately developed my graduate thesis based on this idea and called it "Playing Architecture."

I recently relocated to Austin, Texas where I enjoy good food and practicing architecture.

Software Skills

  • Photoshop (Advanced)
  • Illustrator (Advanced)
  • Dreamweaver (Intermediate)
  • 3ds Max (Intermediate)
  • Flash (Beginner)
  • AutoCad (Advanced)
  • Revit (Intermediate)
  • Rhino (Advanced)
  • Softimage (Intermediate)
  • Sketchup (Advanced)
  • Sound Forge (Advanced)
  • Acid (Advanced)
  • Vegas (Advanced)

Comprehensive Skills

  • Level Design
  • Technical Drafting (anlg./dgtl.)
  • Writing
  • Digital Painting
  • Perspective Sketching
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • BIM & Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping


  • 8 years Source Engine Exp.
  • BS in Architecture (2011)
  • Master of Architecture (2012)
  • 12 months Arch. Internships
  • Owner & Admin of
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'Genecy' is a name I have used since I was in grade school and out of the many weird words and names I came up with back then, it tended to stick. I use it now to denote my online work and things about me.

'Riven' is my online alias and somehow I still haven't gotten bored of it, or thought it too childish sounding, since I adopted it from one of my favorite games by Cyan Worlds and it goes by the same name Riven: The Sequel to Myst. It's still one of my favorite games and probably why I still use it online.

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