Eric's Resume
Hunterville Mapping Competition (2010)


I used the PlanetPhillip Hunterville competition as a means to maintain my mapping skills, and also because I really like mapping for singleplayer. I never submitted it because I didn't finish it in time, but for as much work as I put into it, I think it still deserves recognition.
The idea was to have the player work their way up an office tower where on the top would take place a large boss battle and a narrow escape via helicopter. A visual vista of the surrounding city would reward the player as they battled their way up the tower. The challenge was to develop enough of a scene for a vista and to make it appear vast without loosing performance.

The level was designed for play in the Source Engine in the Half-Life 2: Episode Two game.


South view from the tower on the 6th floor.

4th floor of the tower where the player begins and when Hunters break in.

The climb up the elevator shaft while burning debris falls from above.

North view from the 11th floor of the tower right before reaching the boss fight.

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