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Studio Culture Video (2010)


School of Architecture 3rd year theory class project for winter quarter. I was in charge of editing all raw footage, writing monologue and piecing the whole thing together. My classmates filmed most of the interviews, but I offered to turn it into a video presentation. The video runs about 18 minutes long. Vimeo description below video.


What is "Studio Culture?" This brief documentary examines the social phenomenon that arrives as a result of the countless hours spent outside of class working in an open studio environment. Often time, students will subject themselves to multiple days of restrained sleep schedules, or complete sleep deprivation in order to complete their projects on-time. The consecutive hours and days on-end spent in the studio with other students lead to a special bonding that is rare at best in other college degrees. Students begin to treat one another as 'family' and bond closely in order to help one another along the journey. In this documentary, we try to capture what it means to be part of this studio culture which to our knowledge is common in most all architectural programs across the country. This was initiated as a class assignment for the Architectural Theories class of 2010. All students of the class interviewed other students in the program and supplied the footage. Intro graphics were supplied by Andrew Joiner, and all editing, including final edits were created by Eric Lancon.

Image clip from the video showing intro graphic.

Image clip from the video exhibiting the second-year studio on the weekends.

Image clip from the video showing interview format.

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